The name of our game

Wine is our great passion. One that we would like to share with everybody as far as possible. Regardless of the size of your wallet, your knowledge of wine or your personal preferences. We deliver reliably and, it goes without saying, first-class quality.

400 years of us

Oster and wine go together – and have done so for 400 years. The journey from a small winery in Ediger on the Moselle river to a modern, state-of-the-art wine cellar that is part of a global network has been a long and successful one. Today, our family estate in Cochem, a few kilometres down the river Moselle, is one of the leading wine cellars in Germany. Family business, wine merchants and professional bottling company – we wear many hats these days, but we have not forgotten our roots.

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About us

The world of wine

It is big, the world of wine, and very diverse. To find your way in this world, you need knowledge, experience and reliable partners. As we have all of these elements, we can offer affordable wines at very good prices. This gives us pleasure, every single day.

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World of wine

From the vine to the glass in keeping with the latest technological standards.

Our world

Our partners and friends can be found everywhere where wine is grown and produced. Many of them have been producing great wines for decades: in Germany, Europe and overseas. We are in close, regular contact, keeping up-to-date with the latest news, vintages and new global trends. So that we can deliver practically every wine that our customers may desire.

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Passion writ large

Great diversity demands great capacity. Stainless steel tanks of the latest generation, efficient and gentle filling techniques and a modern bottle warehouse provide us with the resources we need for flexible and fast distribution.

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A natural product, in every respect.

International wine accreditations

Demands are growing, and rightly so. Customers want to know how their favourite wine was grown,  and how it arrived on the shelf. Many of our wines are award-winning, certified – fair trade, organic, vegan and much more. All of our wines meet international labelling legislation.

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Quality, of course

We are convinced of the quality of our products. Independent wine inspections confirm our opinion every day. We also do our own chemical and sensory tests in our own laboratory. Because we want to know exactly.

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Quality assurance

Our suppliers

They come to us from around the world.

Around the world logistics

Experience, know-how, the right partners for road, rail, ship and air – of essential importance, particularly when you need to transport the wine halfway around the world across many national borders. This is how we make sure that our wines arrive safely and on time.

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Perfect processes that meet your highest standards.

Total efficiency

Our modern bottling plants run at full speed every day. In addition to bottles of all sizes, they also fill Tetra Pak cartons and bag-in-box containers. And label and pack them, as required.

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Bottling plant

Every time, everywhere

Every shipment, every bottle at the right place in a wink: this is how our customers know us, and it is what they expect. This is made possible by our well-organised warehouse, an experienced team, and an excellent network. We deliver what was ordered to the place it was ordered – reliably and on time. This is our promise.

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Time management

Sustainably into the future

Thinking ahead, moving ahead – we invest in tomorrow. So we are building: to expand, to convert, to renovate. We improve our capacity as well as our energy efficiency. We are committed to geothermal energy, sustainable materials, first-class architecture. Yes, we want to look to the future with responsibility.

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Pure pleasure

Quality, reliability, sustainability – in the end, only one thing matters: the enjoyment of wine. After work, at a party, when celebrating with a few friends. Whether an everyday or a rare and special wine – enjoyment doesn’t always have to be linked to price.

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Drinking enjoyment

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