A & O: Authenticity and Originality

Wine is our passion, intended to be shared with everyone, regardless of budget or palate. We guarantee dependable delivery of exceptional quality every time.

400 Years of Andreas Oster Wines: Celebrating with You

At Andreas Oster Wines, our 400-year heritage is a testament to you. From a humble winery in Ediger to a distinguished cellar near Cochem, our expansion reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional wines to your table. As a family-owned enterprise, we prioritize quality, tradition, and innovation, ensuring each bottle enhances your experiences. Here’s to a future together filled with exquisite wine and cherished memories. Welcome to our family, where each sip celebrates our shared journey.

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About us

The world of wine

The wine universe is immense and varied. Exploring it demands expertise, experience, and trustworthy allies. We possess these attributes, allowing us to present exceptionally fine wines at appealing prices. Daily, our enthusiasm for sharing our love for wine with you energizes us.

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World of wine

From Vine to Glass: Crafted with State-of-the-Art Technology

Our Planet

Wherever wine flows, from local vineyards to far-off lands, we’ve cultivated partnerships and friendships. With ties strengthened over decades in Germany, Europe, and globally, we engage in ongoing dialogue, broadening our knowledge. This worldwide network enables us to meet all your wine desires, bringing the globe’s finest to your glass.

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Passion for Excellence

A broad selection requires substantial capacity. Cutting-edge stainless steel tanks, advanced gentle filling technology, and a modern bottle storage facility are the cornerstones of our ability to offer flexible and quick distribution. This guarantees the timely delivery of your wine, every time.

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A Natural Product, Through and Through

International wine accreditations

The expectations are increasing, and justifiably so. Customers seek to understand how their preferred wine is produced and how it arrives on the shelf. Many of our wines are awarded and certified—fair trade, organic, vegan, and more—all bearing internationally recognized labels, offering complete transparency to our customers.

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Quality is Paramount

We are confident in the quality of our products. Independent testing institutes verify this for us on a daily basis. In our laboratory, we perform additional tests, both chemical-analytical and sensory, because we aim to know precisely.

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Quality assurance

Our suppliers

From Around the World to Us

Global Logistics

For you, experience, expertise, and the right partners are crucial. Especially when it involves transporting our wines across the globe, across borders—by road, rail, sea, and air. We ensure that your wines arrive safely and on schedule, so you can enjoy them with peace of mind.

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Streamlined Processes for Your Highest Standards

Pure Efficiency

Each day, we are committed to ensuring our state-of-the-art filling machines operate at maximum capacity, all for you, our esteemed customer. They skillfully manage bottles of every shape and size, as well as Tetra-Paks and Bag-in-Box containers, and they meticulously label and package each product according to your specific tastes and requirements.

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Bottling plant

Anytime, Anywhere

Every shipment, every bottle promptly reaches its designated destination. Our customers expect this, and we deliver. Enabled by our warehouse, a well-orchestrated team, and an outstanding network, we provide what you need, where you need it—on time, every time. You have our assurance.

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Time management

Sustainable into the Future

We always look forward, continuously improving—for you, our valued customer. Investing in the future with your interests in mind, we expand and refine to boost efficiency and satisfaction. With sustainable practices, such as utilizing geothermal energy and eco-friendly materials, we are dedicated to ensuring your future enjoyment of wine.

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Pure Enjoyment

Quality, reliability, sustainability—at the end of the day, it all comes down to the joy of wine. Whether it’s relaxing after a long day, commemorating a special occasion, or toasting with friends, the delight in wine is limitless. From everyday favorites to unique discoveries, enjoyment is not just about the price.

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Drinking enjoyment

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